While a lot of fans were hoping to get a brand new THE LAST JEDI trailer at Disney’s recent D23 Expo, I think giving us this new behind-the-scenes look is a much better deal. Sure I would love to see more footage, but I’ve always appreciated how STAR WARS trailers never really give anything away or spoil too much. Of course they have the benefit of knowing everyone and their mother will see this no matter what they do, but I still appreciate it nonetheless.

My overall hope here is that THE FORCE AWAKES was purposefully “safe” to reel back in some of the lost fanbase paving the way for more bold and unpredictable storytelling. I have a feeling THE LAST JEDI is going to be something truly special and unique. And by the looks of it, this will be a lot darker in tone much like EMPIRE STIKES BACK. Let’s hope the comparisons stop there as I really do not want another remixed version of a STAR WARS film. One is plenty. Say what you will about the prequels, but at least they had their own identity.

Oh, and did you catch that lobster sweater director Rian Johnson was rocking? That alone proves the series is in good hands. Well played.

STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI lands this holiday season on December 15th, 2017.