UPDATE (1/20/2011): Lucasfilm announced today that the official release date for ALL of the Blu-Ray box sets will be Tuesday September 27th 2011. No official word on the contents and bonus features just yet OR if any of the sets will include the original unedited versions. Stay tuned for updates.

The moment all STAR WARS fans have been waiting for is finally here. Twentieth Century Fox has announced that all six of the STAR WARS movies will be coming to Blu-Ray this September in three separate packages. Buyers will be able to choose from a 3-disc set that includes the original trilogy, a 3-disc set that includes the prequel trilogy, or a 9-disc set that includes all six movies and three bonus discs with over 30 hours of special features and bonus content. I for one am extremely excited for the complete saga collection that includes the entire saga plus all that bonus content. I am a huge fan of each and every STAR WARS movie and will be forking over the dough for the true collectors/fans set.

You can already pre-order the sets on Amazon.com with the 3-disc sets running you $44.99 and the complete saga going for $89.99. Keep in mind that those are Amazon.com’s prices at the moment and the official retail prices are $69.99 for the 3-disc sets and $139.99 for the 9-disc complete saga set.

STAR WARS: THE COMPLETE SAGA will be coming to stores in September 2011. No official date or official specs have been set, but expect all the details very soon.

May the force be with you…