To celebrate Valentines Day (maybe?) Sony Pictures has decided to reveal the official movie title for the Spider-Man reboot which will be called THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN! We also get out first official look of Spidey in his new costume mask and all! This new costume maintains the classic color scheme and gives the design more of a “checkered” look compared to what we are use too. If you are a big Spider-Man nerd like myself you will also notice that Spider-Man has actual web-shooters this time around instead of the previous movies where Peter Parker naturally created his web with his body. Having web-shooters means that Spidey has to load up these things with web-cartridges and cannot rely on his webs being unlimited. I prefer this to the natural webs because it is more true to the comics AND creates a lot more tension and drama during combat due to the heightened possibility of the webs to run out. All that said, I approve of this new look and it is sure to be a preliminary costume used in the first movie and will surely adapt as sequels come out. I also dig the smaller eyes and overall color balance. Very cool stuff!

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN swings into theaters July 3rd 2012 (far away I know).