Love or hate the idea, a Han Solo prequel film is happening. Question is…is this the STAR WARS movie you want?

When talking around the old water cooler, AKA Mission: Comics & Art, my fellow nerds seem to be divided 50/50 on whether or not this movie should exist. Personally, I think we can stay away (far far?) from these iconic characters and focus on the other 4 billion potential film ideas that are possible. And while I wasn’t a big fan of THE LAST JEDI, I am still stoked that Rian Johnson will be helming a new STAR WARS trilogy not revolving around these “legacy” characters.

Ep. 8 – Rian Johnson’s Mysterious STAR WARS Trilogy w/ Guest Sean Wheeler

Ok, so the trailer…er teaser…or whatever the hell you call a one and a half minute collection of scenes for upcoming movies these days. It was OK. Not bad, not great, just OK. My level of excitement for this is still not that high. Sure I love visiting the STAR WARS universe any chance I get, but something just feels off here. Maybe it’s not really knowing what the plot is. Maybe it’s not really knowing just how much they are going to reveal about Han’s backstory. Maybe it’s that I don’t believe anyone else can play Han other than Harrison Ford. On the other hand, I remember thinking the same thing about Obi-Wan before the prequels and Ewan McGregor did an absolutely brilliant job. So there’s that. It’s possible. Hmm, maybe I’m still a little bent up about how disappointed I was in THE LAST JEDI. Maybe SOLO will be a good palette cleanser?

The atmosphere in this trailer feels right, the sounds are all iconic when I close my eyes, it does look fun, and Chewbacca at least looks the same. All things considered, this does have a lot of potential to be a fun ride. I’ll need to see a little more. I want to see a little more. I suppose if that’s the goal of a trailer, it did its job. Will Boba Fett, Greedo, and/or Jabba show up? Any mention of Vader or Palpatine? Any Jedi? Lando looks kinda perfect. Ahh, ok I guess I’m getting stoked.

SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY releases this summer on May 25th 2018