Thanks to The CW we get our first look at Michael Rosenbaum in his glorious return to SMALLVILLE as the villainous Lex Luthor. Rosenbaum left the show back in 2008 and his return for the series finale was up in the air for a long time. But fear not, he WILL be back to end the series with a bang and the teaser trailer below proves it! 

I for one am a huge fan of SMALLVILLE and have been a loyal viewer watching every episode for the past 10 years. I am relieved to know Lex Luthor will be there to end the series properly and will be eagerly awaiting his return.

The CW also gives us a shot of Superman’s costume (above) that has been waiting for Clark in the Fortress of Solitude for some time now. Awesome!

The SMALLVILLE series Finale airs May 13th 2011. Expect a full review when the time comes!