Hot damn Kong is looking enormous in this new teaser trailer reveled at the San Diego Comic Con. This is the first look at what fans can expect from director Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ (THE KINGS OF SUMMER) new take on everyones favorite ape.

Fans of Gareth Edwards’ 2014 film GODZILLA should be excited about this new monster flick as we get a very similar “it’s very foggy here and I can’t really see the beast” vibe. While that approach can be frustrating, I think it worked pretty well in the latest GODZILLA and I think it’s safe to say it worked in this trailer. I’m officially pumped to see KONG: SKULL ISLAND.

Besides the titular beast, KONG: SKULL ISLAND sports a pretty fantastic line-up including everyone’s favorite dreamboat Tom “I’m Loki” Hiddleston, America’s newest sweetheart Brie Larson (who I like to call Jennifer Lawrence Lite), Sam “the man” Jackson, a very appreciated dose of John Goodman, and Dr. Steve Brule himself John C. Reilly. That’s some serious star power. But at the end of the day who cares who’s in a Kong film as long as Kong is there right? Either way, so far, this looks pretty great.

KONG: SKULL ISLAND lands March 20th, 2017. Wait, that’s not summer!? Please still be good (fingers crossed).