Vixen cw seed


We make it no secret that we absolutely love The CW’s ARROW and FLASH television shows so you can imagine our excitement at discovering a new animated series featuring characters from both series’. VIXEN tells the tale of a young woman who stumbles upon an enchanted necklace granting her various animal powers. Our two main heroes cross paths with the heroine known as Vixen and a whole lot of cool ensues…hopefully.


VIXEN will be available on The CW’s streaming service called ‘CW Seed’ and consist of 6 short episodes adding up to a total of 30 minutes in length. And if successful, I smell a DVD/Blu-Ray release in the near future as well. The big question will be if Vixen is an origin story setting up an appearance on the live action shows. I imagine it all depends on how popular this thing turns out to be. The supernatural elements lend themselves to animation so I’m not sure if it will translate as well in a live-action show. But what the hell do I know, they already have freaking Grodd running around the sewers, Atom flying through the city all Iron Man like, and tornadoes and tsunamis  sweeping through the city…so yeah I guess it could happen.

I’m mainly digging the animated version of Cisco here. Hehe.

VIXEN will premiere on CW Seed in late 2015.