Paint Pens Collective x Never Ending Radical Dude present “QUICK DRAW SF”

Curated by Shayna Yasuhara and Jason Furie

Location: F8/1192 Folsom, San Francisco, CA 94103

Date: Thursday, April 23rd 2015

Time: 5:30pm – midnite


Quick Draw SF has reached its one year mark! This monthly drink and draw series is co-hosted by Shayna Yasuhara of Paint Pens Collective and Jason Furie of Never Ending Radical Dude. The two groups have combined forces and collaborated with amazingly talented artists of all skill levels to keep this beautiful city weird and creative. The series has featured a list of over sixty guest artists. Each month, ten artists are rotated in as “featured artists” and are invited to sell their creations at our “merch table”. Everyone is welcome to draw and sell work made at the event.

Things will be a bit different for the one-year celebration, instead of live-drawing, all the past guest artists have been invited back to sell affordable prints, books, zines, original art, and whatever else they feel like bringing. Think along the lines of a mini convention, with more booze, and…less cosplay…unless that’s your thing I guess.

The event will also include a limited edition Quick Draw SF print and a slew of amazing raffle prizes from some of our sponsors. If you are one of our regulars, then you already know there are pretty much always cool raffle prizes. However, this month’s raffle is going next-level! There will be on-the-hour raffle prizes from Quick Draw SF’s swoon-worthy sponsor list, including Micron, Mission: Comics & Art, Super 7, Flax Art supplies, Krink, and many more!

Featured Artists include: Andy Griffiths, Andy Sciazko, Daisy Church, Eugene Young, Hwwl, Jaide Marchand, Jeff Plotkin, Joshua Herbolsheimer, Jamaica Dyer, Justin Divine, Justin Herbst, Katie Bacigalupi, Alison Dubois, Kelly Martin, Megan Kott, Mary Syring, Matt Delight, Nigel Sussman, Jason Furie, Rick Lucey, Norio Fujikawa, Geoff Vasile, Salah Khudari, Brie Spielmann, Spencer Mann, Steven Russell Black, Zachary Sweet, Matt Harding, and more to be announced.

Music by CDCM, our amazingly talented and loyal DJ.

21+. Wear clothes. Buy art. No cover.

quick draw sf 1 year