popcorn and soda podcast

Since 2010, Never Ending Radical Dude has been your source for pop-culture goodness ranging from movies, TV, video games, and comic books. From this point forward, we will be exclusively focusing on movies.

Movies are what excite us the most at NERD, and honing in on one medium will allow us to create more consistent and creative content!

We’re also excited to announce our brand new podcast called “Popcorn & Soda”

Popcorn & Soda is a bite-sized podcast hosted by Jason Furie focusing on all the movies we know and love. Each season brings in a guest to celebrate a specific franchise or theme such as “Star Wars” or “Movies about Mars” with each episode honing in on a single film. We’re all a buncha weirdos, love a lot of movies you hate, and can’t wait to rewatch every movie we’ve ever seen while eating an excessive amount of junk food.

That said, we’re also hitting the big fat reset button 🔴 on our Patreon community page!

Now, Never Ending Radical Dude on Patreon will be specifically for the Popcorn & Soda Podcast!

Season 1 — Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 1 will drop episode 1 — Iron Man (2008) on Saturday March 2nd delivering new episodes every other week after that!

Stay tuned true believers! And head over to our refreshed Patreon page to lend your support!