NES Classic

UPDATE 6/30/2018: NES CLASSIC Available now at Gamestop if you HURRY!

Nintendo has been doing a pretty great job pissing off their dedicated fanbase with the extremely limited release of both the NES CLASSIC EDITION and SNES CLASSIC EDITION. Of course people want these. If there’s one thing I know about Nintendo fans (myself included), it’s that we froth at the mouth for shit like this.

Here’s the good news…it appears Nintendo is listening. The NES CLASSIC EDITION will be returning on June 29th, 2018. Very soon. My advice, get your web browser updated, check your internet connection, and be ready. Chances are, these will go just as fast as the previous release. Good luck. A little insider tip is to follow @Wario64 on Twitter. Dude let’s you know when and where shit is available like no other. Thank me later.

And the SNES CLASSIC has been pretty easy to get lately. Personally, I nabbed one from Gamestop without issue and they appear to still be available assuming you are reading this the day it’s published. Go get it!

While it sure has been a frustrating experience getting ahold of these, it appears Nintendo is doing right by their fans. Now if we could just do something about all those ass holes that buy these all up and resell on eBay…you suck.