During Nintendo’s latest edition of their Nintendo Direct broadcast this week, it was announced that there will be a brand new THE LEGEND OF ZELDA adventure for the Nintendo 3DS handheld system. And yes, this is NOT just a remake and serves as a new installment in the ZELDA franchise taking place in the same world as the SNES classic THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: A LINK TO THE PAST. Very exciting news!

Some interesting facts to know are that the game will be played in the classic ZELDA top down perspective taking advantage of the system’s 3D visuals, the game will involved 3D type puzzles including jumping up and down from different platforms, and there is a special power used in the game that transforms Link into a 2D version of himself in order to solve puzzles and hug walls granting access to new and hidden areas of the game screen. And if that wasn’t enough, Link is classically wielding his sword in his left hand! Whoo-hoo!

Check out the full game play trailer below courtesy of IGN to see the game in action.


This looks very fun and exciting especially for someone who is a long time ZELDA fanatic. It will be great to go on another classic top down perspective adventure with Link and I actually really enjoy all the 3D elements incorporated giving the game more depth and immersion. The bones flying upward at the screen when a skeleton is slashed is especially cool!

No official title or exact release date was announced for Link’s latest adventure, but Nintendo says we can expect this new THE LEGEND OF ZELDA game to be on store shelves this holiday 2013 season. Stay tuned!