Marketing for Christopher Nolan’s (INCEPTION) upcoming THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is in full swing. Early this month we got news that people lucky enough to see MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL in select IMAX theaters would be treated to a 6-minute prologue. You can read that story, along with a listing of participating theaters HERE. Hot off the heels of that news, we get this awesome teaser poster giving us a new look at the villain Bane. Cool stuff.

This image could allude to Bane kicking Batman’s ass like he did in the comics where he (possible spoiler to non-comic book nerds) broke Bat’s back or simply just allude to the assumption that Bane is going to beat him up. In any case, this poster rocks and is a shining example of what movie poster should look like.

The common pattern in movie promotion indicates that a full movie trailer is close at hand. We are already getting a handful of movie trailers for summer blockbusters including the amazing trailers for THE AVENGERS and G.I. JOE 2: RETALIATION. Stay tuned for a full trailer soon!

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES opens July 20th 2012.