STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS definitely got cut short due to Disney acquiring the rights. And while I’m still a little bent out of shape about it all, the silver lining is we got REBELS. It’s a fantastic show and watching this fourth and final season will be bittersweet. I’ll be sad to see it go, but my brain is working overtime thinking of what the next animated project will be. Want my two cents? I think they should properly bridge the gap between A NEW HOPE and THE FORCE AWAKENS featuring the iconic “Original Trilogy” cast. Fingers crossed.

If the above trailer is any indication, we are in for one hell of a season. And after the death-fest that was ROGUE ONE, I wouldn’t be surprised if pretty much everyone bites the big one by the end of this season. Is this Disney’s new formula? Introduce a ton of cool characters and then kill themall off? Cool? I’m not sure…

Either way, I for one am very eager to see how REBELS concludes.

STAR WARS REBELS Season 4 premieres October 16th, 2017 on Disney XD.