Back in July we got our first look at the Peter Berg (HANCOCK) directed sci-fi action flick BATTLESHIP. You can check out the first trailer, the plot synopsis, and my initial thoughts on the project right HERE.

I know a lot of you already don’t like this movie but I think it looks pretty damn awesome! Peter Berg is one of my favorite directors for fun summer blockbusters right up there with Michael Bay (TRANSFORMERS Series). These guys know how to make a fun movie and I am highly looking forward to seeing what Berg can do with BATTLESHIP. Mix awesome director with Liam Neeson (BATMAN BEGINS) and aliens and you have a nerdgasm just waiting to explode! Gross I know, but seriously people, let’s give this one a chance.

Check out the latest, and much longer, trailer below. Fun stuff!

BATTLESHIP opens May 18th 2012.