I am a huge fan of 2009’s BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM and consider it one of the best games I have played in a very long time. It really is the perfect Batman game. It blends an interesting story with a great cast of characters, intense action, stealth and detective elements, sweet art design, and some cool hidden goodies for longtime fans. It really encapsulates everything that Batman fans love and has made me more of a Batman fan than I ever was in the past. So you can understand why I am eagerly awaiting the follow-up BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY.

Below is the first actual gameplay trailer that really shows us what we can expect from this highly anticipated sequel. I am excited to roam the crazed streets of Gotham City and takes down evildoers with style as the Dark Knight! This game is simply going to kick ass and deserves to be on your nerd radar! Check out the new gameplay trailer below courtesy of IGN.com!

BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY releases October 18th 2011 on X-Box 360, PS3, and PC.