Finally, this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Now that Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist have been established, it’s time for them to team-up and protect New York City as THE DEFENDERS.

THE DEFENDERS will be an 8-episode mini-series event bringing in all of the Marvel/Netflix heroes in what is sure to be an exciting ride! Here’s the road so far:

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The above trailer that was recently released has done a pretty great job hyping this show up for me. I’m a huge fan of both seasons of DAREDEVIL. JESSICA JONES and LUKE CAGE were not quite as good but still kept my interest enough for me to binge each in less than a week. And the runt of the litter IRON FIST was definitely better than most say, but was still extremely lacking when compared to the rest of the shows. However you feel about each individual character, there is no denying that seeing them all on screen together is going to be a blast. I have a theory that these characters will work way better as part of an ensemble, especially Cage and Iron Fist.

The DAREDEVIL series is so damn good I think no matter how good THE DEFENDERS ends up being he will be fun to watch. I like how Elektra is featured here returning from the misfortunes that fell upon her in DAREDEVIL season 2. And the addition of Stick, Misty Knight, and Claire Temple are most welcome. I’m especially excited to watch Claire manage all these heroes when they are in the same room as she has definitely served as the glue holding together this Universe.

And holy crap is that Sigourney Weaver!? Not sure what her villainous role is just yet, but she will definitely add to this show’s already impressive cast. I’m excited to see what her character is all about.

Marvel is obviously replicating the formula they used for THE AVENGERS here and I think the payoff is going to be sweet. My hope in the future is that we get more DAREDEVIL seasons, and then maybe squish together all the other characters into a “Heroes for Hire” show because I unfortunately think their solo efforts have been a little lackluster so far. But what do I know!? And I wonder if The Punisher will show up in this series. Fingers crossed.

As of now, this trailer has done its job and has me extremely excited to see THE DEFENDERS when all episodes land on Netflix later this year on August 22nd, 2017.