DAREDEVIL 2:  Avocados at Law.

Okay.  I know that this is technically a ‘teaser trailer.’  There’s no new footage or anything like that.  C’mon! Look at it, though!  This may be a teaser trailer, but it’s one of the best looking teaser trailers I have ever seen. On top of completely wrapping up season 1 in a pretty bad ass church mural ceiling thing (what are they called?) it also lays ground work for the impending madness that only the Punisher can bring. Oh boy! Oh boy!

It’s still way too soon to properly speculate what season 2 of DAREDEVIL is going to be about or what it will focus on. All we do know for sure is that this season has Elektra and Punisher thrown into the mix.  Will Jessica Jones or Luke Cage make an appearance?  I mean… they sort of have to, right?  (I would have totally bet my life savings on the idea that Daredevil was going to make an appearance in the last episode of JESSICA JONES. Nope. Negative.) Until we get more meaty footage, let us take a moment and appreciate that this goodness is only 2 months away…

Season 2 of DAREDEVIL hits Netflix on March 18th 2016.