Starting January 2011 Netflix will be raising their prices by about a dollar for every disc you want to have out at a time, and that includes the online streaming service that actually does have some great choices.

I personally have been on the $8.99 a month plan which will now be going up to $9.99 a month instead. I also have the optional Blu-Ray upgrade which costs an additional $2.00 a month, so in all I will be spending $12.99 in total per month. I know what your thinking…I’m really great at math right! All kidding aside, I don’t think the additional dollar will be breaking my bank anytime soon (or will it?). I actually get a lot of use out of my Netflix account. I often rent discs through the mail (lots of new releases), catch up on a lot of shows I missed (AVATAR THE LAST AIR BENDER, DEXTER, THE OFFICE, SKINS) and actually enjoy rating the movies and managing my online queue. All that in a month just for the price of one movie ticket at the theatre? I think I can handle a dollar raise. Netflix is a business after all, and the services they give us and the amount of content available is getting much broader and better. Neflix has always helped feed my inner nerd, so for that, I appreciate the company and will continue to support them.

The main new addition here is the option to do a “No DVDs” plan for $7.99 a month (cheapest) which means that you do not get discs in the mail but rather have access to the online streaming service only.

Below is a rundown of the new prices that are effective starting January 2011. For all the official details visit the Official Netflix Blog.