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Never Ending Radical Dude is proud to present NERD ALERT!! A group art show featuring works by the talented artists who have contributed to the website! All the pieces in this show have been (or will be) featured on the website and is guaranteed to be extremely nerdy in all the best ways!

RSVP at out facebook event page HERE

Featured artists for this show include:

Jason Furie
Katie Bacigalupi
Matt DeLight
Sergio Zuniga
Victor Cayro (Bald Eagles)
Michael McGaughy (Mike McG)
Adam Roth
Ruel Brown
Rick Lucey
Derek Hansen
Adam Cahoon
Donia دنيا
Dallis Willard
Nigel Sussman
François Vigneault
Niraj Patil
Jean Chen
Edwin Vazquez

Please join us for our opening reception at Mission: Comics & Art on Saturday, May 31st from 6:00pm-10:00pm.

It truly is the best comic book shop in the city (world!?) that doubles as an awesome art gallery. So please come by the opening, say hello, drink some booze, buy some comics, make some friends, and nerd out with us all! See you there!