CHAPPIE, Sony Pictures

Damn I wish I was Neill Blomkamp. His job is to basically make the best damn science fiction movies of our generation. One after another. He proved himself with the instant classic DISTRICT 9, followed it up with the remarkable ELYSIUM, and is now staying true to his science fiction roots with CHAPPIE. So cool. CHAPPIE is about a self-aware robot who happens upon a rag tag group of characters after being abducted by some low life criminals. What ensues seems to be a tale of struggle, love, hate, and what it means to be aware in this crazy mixed up world of ours. Take a look at the recently released trailer below.


Man this looks so cool. Blomkamp’s signature is all over this trailer with a hint of BLADE RUNNER thrown in for good measure. I love that Blomkamp stays in one genre and is not trying to be a jack of all trades with his career. He does Science Fiction so perfectly so why stop? I predict this to be a potential sleeper hit in 2015. Keep it on your nerd radar if you know what’s good for you.

CHAPPIE releases on March 6th 2015.