DC’s savage domination of the boob tube (ARROW) continued this week with trailer premieres for two of their upcoming shows  CONSTANTINE on NBC and  GOTHAM on Fox.  All I need is a FLASH trailer and my life will be complete. Have a look!


Based on the DC/Vertigo comic HELLBLAZER, John Constantine is a piss pot of a con man who lies and boozes his way through a world full of secret magic and paranormal adversaries with his unique brand of sleaze and swagger. After losing his soul to a demon, Constantine appears to be on a quest to do some good and reclaim what was lost. Also, the trailer hints at a bigger plot that Constantine will have to tackle as he exorcises his way through the season. With the potential to be a ‘new magical charity case of the week’ meets supernatural thrill ride, CONSTANTINE is another major networks attempt at a very unreliable genre. (See the DRESDEN FILES) Although, the current television trend of witchcraft and magic seems to definitely work in CONSTANTINE’S favor.

So far, CONSTANTINE has a few elements working in it’s favor. One of the most important being that it is directed by Neil Marshall, the man responsible for three movies that sit very comfortably in my all time top 100. THE DESCENT, DOG SOLDIERS and DOOMSDAY. After watching the trailer, it’s clear that Neil is going to bring us a darker and more accurate representation of the original Hellblazer comic book.  It doesn’t hurt that Matt Ryan looks and sounds exactly like the Constantine we all imagined.  After bathing in the sheer badassary displayed in this trailer, combined with the unlikable loveability of Constantine, the current popularity of magic meets reality story lines, the huge fan base of the comic, the graphic and creepy ass imagery, the underground popularity of the 2005 Keanu Reeves film and DC’s renewed dedication to the live action accuracy of their properties, CONSTANTINE could prove to be the show we’ve all been waiting for. Plus, Zatanna.  PLEASE.  Give me Zatanna.

CONSTANTINE will air on Fridays, this fall on NBC