Wow this trailer came out of nowhere! I gotta say this in one of the coolest looking trailers of the year. I am still going to be a little hesitant until I see more because this type of movie is prone to be more cheesy than bad ass. I do have hope and as long as the action sequences look as awesome as they do in this trailer we should be fine. I really dig the style of this one and if nothing else I’m sure we will get at least a few great fight sequences. I usually compare movies like this to the directors previous efforts but Sngmoo Lee is an unknown to me so I have nothing to compare too. Geoffrey Rush (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, MYSTERY MEN) looks like a fantastic character in this and it is good to see Kate Bosworth (SUPERMAN RETURNS, BLUE CRUSH) in another movie us nerds can enjoy.

Check out the trailer below for yourself. THE WARRIOR’S WAY opens December 3rd 2010.