One of my all-time favorite movies is 2009’s sci-fi masterpiece MOON directed by Duncan Jones (David Bowie’s son) and starring Sam Rockwell (MATCHSTICK MEN, IRON MAN 2). MOON was Jones’s stunning directorial debut so when I caught wind of his next directing project my nerd radar went crazy!

SOURCE CODE stars Jake Gyllenhaal (DONNIE DARKO, BROKEBACK MAOUNTAIN) as a soldier in the future who has the ability to enter the consciousness of an unknown man during the last 8 minutes of his life in order to figure out how a train bombing happened. The film co-stars Vera  Farmiga (THE DEPARTED, UP IN THE AIR) and Michelle Monaghan (MISSION IMPOSSIBLE III, EAGLE EYE).

While there seems to be a lot going on in this trailer, I am excited to see what Jones can deliver on his Sophomore effort. There is definitely an interesting story here and the twists even in the trailer are appealing. So without me spoiling any more, check out the trailer below and see for yourself.

SOURCE CODE opens April 1st 2011.