This film has seemingly come out of nowhere and looks pretty damn awesome. IRONCLAD comes from the almost unknown director Jonathan English (NAILING VIENNA, MINOTAUR) who I have never heard of before I saw this kick ass trailer. IRONCLAD tells the tale a group of men who must defend their castle against the tyrannical menace of King John in the south coast of England circa 1215.

IRONCLAD stars the sword-wielding veteran James Purefoy (ROME, SOLOMON KANE) and co-stars the amazing Brian Cox (DEADWOOD, TROY) and Paul Giamatti (SHOOT EM’ UP, SIDEWAYS) as the the tyrant king. I gotta say that I would not be half as excited as I am for this movie if there was not such a terrific and suiting cast in place. Give the trailer a look below and see for yourself how awesome this one looks.

Thanks to for having the best quality video I could find on the web.

IRONCLAD has an expected, but not official, release for June 2011.