Thanks to Yahoo Movies we finally get our first real look at the CONAN THE BARBARIAN remake from director Marcus Nispel (PATHFINDER, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE remake) starring relative unknown Jason Momoa (STARGATE: ATLANTIS, BAYWATCH) as Conan himself. The film co-stars the awesome Stephan Lang (AVATAR, TOMBSTONE) and the beautiful Rose McGowan (PLANET TERROR, CHARMED).

I have to admit that the small teaser trailer we got earlier in the year was such a joke that I did not even humor it with a post. This new trailer is the real deal and gives us a true sense of what to expect from this remake. While it did not blow me away, it did restore my hope for the project. The scenery here looks epic and beautiful, Momoa as Conan looks appropriate (glad they cast an unknown), and the action and beasts look cool. This trailer really gave me a vibe that reminded me of the movie THE MUMMY and that is a good thing. I will now give this one a chance and it will be interesting to see what the next trailer will have in store for us.

CONAN THE BARBARIAN swings into theaters August 19th 2011.