It looks like the final installment of Vin Diesel’s planned Riddick trilogy will finally get to see the light of day instead of remaining in the pitch black (o yes I did). What I mean is RIDDICK 3 (tentative title) is finally happening and Vin himself has posted yet another cool, if not vague, piece of concept art to reassure his fans that this movie IS happening. I for one am a huge Riddick fan and cannot wait for another film!

Besides the new concept art, Vin said a few words (HERE) on his facebook page about the upcoming sequel including the fact that Universal is going to let him get away with an R rating for this one! Great news for fans of the original movie PITCH BLACK that had a hard R rating unlike its PG-13 sequel CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK that people didn’t like nearly as much. Here is a sample of the quote:

“I am grateful to have Universal in such support of this complex character’s journey… not many studios would back an R rating. Very cool.”

RIDDICK 3 is due out sometime (likely summer) 2012.