This morning at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 for short), Microsoft announced HALO 4 which is to be released on the X-Box 360 during the holiday season (likely November) of 2012. HALO 4 marks the return of the Master Chief story line that we last visited in HALO 3 back in 2007. Microsoft made the official announcement with a cinematic trailer that is posted below thanks to HALO 4 is the first game that will not be released by Bungi and will instead be released by 343 Industries which is Microsoft’s new internal Halo studio. HALO 4 is noted as being the beginning of a brand new Halo trilogy. I will post more information, such as a gameplay trailer, as it becomes available.

Microsoft also announced the unexpected HD remake of the original HALO that will be called HALO: COMBAT EVOLVED ANNIVERSARY. This HD transformation will boast brand new HD graphics using the HALO: REACH engine, a co-op campaign over X-Box LIVE, and a huge multuplayer gaming experience featuring 7 classic maps all playable over LIVE. Playing these classic multiplayer maps online is going to be a HUGE treat for longtime fans of the series and the prospect of playing the fully remastered HD campaign has me all giddy inside. I love the handgun zoom scope from this game and it will be a blast to replay it and kick some ass over LIVE with my buddies! The announcement by Microsoft was followed by a full trailer (shown below thanks to again) and an official release date of November 15th 2011! That’s THIS year! It will also retail for the cheap price of $39.99. Get excited Halo fans!