What the hell is this movie, Marvel? What are you up to…?

Maybe it was around the 8th time of re-watching this trailer that I started to put the not-so-subtle pieces together? Beyond beautiful prismatic images of that dude from WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER in a super suit flying around on an ant, there was something else going on at the heart of this trailer. Something pretty damn clever. Hold on to your butts, friends, there be some next level world building afoot.

It was never just ‘jolly good timing’ that influenced Marvel’s decision to air the ANT-MAN teaser during the premiere of AGENT CARTER, this trailer actually needed to premiere at the same time as AGENT CARTER. My ‘Ant Sense’ is tingling in a way that leads me to believe that these two stories are going to be intertwined in a way, unlike any other two Marvel franchises. This movie is not necessarily an origin story, it’s a legacy film. ‘THE Ant-Man.’ Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) is, apparently, stepping into some pretty big shoes left behind by Hank Pym (Michael Douglas).  Shoes that have been hero-ing their way through the secret history of the MCU, ever since Steve Rogers fell in the ice and Stark and Carter became founding members of the SSR. I have to say that it’s smart of Marvel to place their not-so-known hero who can shrink down and exist within the Microverse, deep within the roots that make up the larger pieces of the MCU.  The only question is, (which is the same question we ask whenever a new Marvel movie trailer premieres) will this unorthodox cinematic decision be another Marvel success or their first failure?

It’s really hard to come to a conclusion from a trailer like this. Two minutes of the trailer consist of Michael Douglas setting up 2 jokes for Paul Rudd, that directly address the two big problems with this movie:  “Who is Ant-Man and … um, Ant-Man?” It was brief and vague, but did a pretty good job of establishing Lang as a directionless vagabond with oodles of potential, being taken under the wing of the brilliant Pym who is in search of a ward.  A successor to the ‘ANT-MAN’ legacy. Who happens to be one of the few heroes of the MCU with a family. It’s pretty standard stuff until you realize that Hayley Atwell will be making an appearance as Peggy Carter and that John Slattery will be reprising his role as the older Howard Stark. Basically, ANT-MAN will be sitting out the Avenger’s first few adventures, but, he’ll be plenty up to speed when he finally does get an invite.  Is Yellowjacket the villain? What’s Evangeline Lilly’s role in all of this? Marvel sure does have a way of making PARKS AND REC actors look like damn fine heroes! (Abs) I’m already pretty excited about what I’m seeing and can’t wait to see more!

And remember kids… If Captain America passes on his shield to you… You don’t ask if you can change the color.

ANT-MAN will hit theaters July 17th, 2015