Well I got good news and bad news for fans of the currently ongoing titles CABLE AND THE X-FORCE and UNCANNY X-FORCE. The bad news is that both titles are ending their relatively short run in the very near future. The good news however is that both titles got married and are having a baby simply called X-FORCE. In case you don’t understand my horrible brand of humor, I mean the two titles will end and become one. Hey, I go where Cable gos and don’t really care what you call it. I have been following Cable’s exploits in his latest run CABLE AND THE X-FORCE (it’s “meh”) and admittedly skipped out on UNCANNY X-FORCE after about 2 issues. Don’t blame me! Comics cost $3.99 these days!

The two titles will be ending January 2014 in the aftermath of a crossover event called VENDETTA. After that in February 2014 you can expect most of the surviving characters to jump ship and hop on the X-FORCE life boat. As long as Cable is there I think all will be well. And by the looks of the released cover image above, I’d say all is well for Cable, Psylocke, Fantomex, and Marrow (!).

The new series will be written by Si Spurrier (X-MEN LEGACY) with art by Rock-He Kim (AGE OF ULTRON Covers). Little else is known at this point about the title and fans will have to read the crossover mini-series VENDETTA to see where this is all going. I for one this this marriage between CABLE AND X-FORCE and UNCANNY X-FORCE will be a much more interesting project. Stay tuned.

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