DAREDEVIL, Marvel/Netflix

Sure we’ve been teased with various photos and announcements, the cast has been revealed, and an official release date is upon us, but never have we seen this much DAREDEVIL footage and never has it looked so good! For those just waking up, Marvel and Netflix have teamed up to create 4 individual shows all leading up to a THE DEFENDERS mini-series featuring the characters from all. And yes, Daredevil is among those individual series’ and first up at bat. This whole Netflix/Marvel thing smells a lot like THE AVENGERS formula and I like it! And now we have an official trailer to feast upon where audiences can finally feel what the overall tone will be and if the Netflix formula will work for Marvel properties. If the trailer below is any indication, I think nerds can relax a little. Looks pretty bad ass to me.


I totally dig this new take on Daredevil, and (even though I shamelessly kinda liked it) I think most Marvel fans finally have something to wash their mouth out with after the bad taste of the Ben Affleck film of the same name. It may take a bit more to forget about the ELEKTRA spinoff that followed. In any case. Daredevil is back and in a big way. But what about that costume you say!? Damn cool if you ask me! Has classic Frank Miller written all over it. I’m in!

DAREDEVIL drops every episode of season 1 on Netflix April 10th 2015.