Marvel, Art by Alex Ross

Marvel Comics is about to celebrate 75 years of kicking our collective ass with amazing stories, characters, and art! Never has it been a better time to be a Marvel fan whether you are enjoying the latest Marvel film, TV show, or comic book experience. What better way to celebrate than teaming up with one of the industries top talents Alex Ross known mostly for his beautiful painterly work on titles such as MARVELS (can you believe that was in 1994!?) and  DC’s KINGDOM COME. While it would be nice to see Ross tackle more books in that vein, who am I to complain when he churns out another glorious cover for me to drool all over?

To celebrate the milestone, Marvel has hired Ross to craft 12 different covers of popular comic books that will see release throughout 2014. Yes! The first of these covers will be on Jonathan Hickman’s AVENGERS #25 due out in January 2014. You can check out the full cover image above! So far, this is the only cover that has been revealed and it is simply beautiful. I cannot wait to see the kind of work he does on any of the X-Men books.

Alex Ross + Cyclops = an optic blast!

Here is a bit of what Marvel had to say about the project in a recent press release:

“These stunning, gorgeously-rendered covers will grace select Marvel titles throughout 2014 and will feature a pantheon of characters from the Marvel Universe in the rich, highly detailed style only a talent like Alex Ross can produce.”

Well paint me excited! Be on the lookout for more cover art reveals as 2014 fast approaches.

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