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Dinosaurs, ducks, pizza, ice cream, barf, paranormal beings, and sword-wielding warriors are recurring elements in Jason Furie’s pop-culture inspired art… come on out for this fun and whimsical show!

We’ll provide snack, drinks, and good times! Artwork, enamel pins, and zines will be for sale.

Jason is an artist, writer, and part-time goofball who finds comfort in the streets of San Francisco where he can traverse unbothered as the manchild he truly is. He founded the website you’re reading,, where he and a ragtag team nerd-out about movies, TV, video games, comic books, toys, and more!

He’s often found watching THE NEVERENDING STORY and LABYRINTH forever. He enjoys a good LEGEND OF ZELDA video game. And he loves arguing with fellow nerds about why Cyclops is the coolest X-Men character ever, why Tom Cruise is a bad ass, and why LOST is a damn fine show! Damn fine.

Check out his art website at: