Say what you will about Fox’s X-MEN film franchise, but there’s just no denying the impact it has had on the “superhero” genre. And can you believe Hugh Jackman has been portraying Wolverine since 2000!? 17 years!

Back in November we got our first look at LOGAN with a pretty stunning trailer. But THIS! This new red band international trailer is completely amazing. We get confirmation that the little girl is in fact X-23 and she appears to be trying to one-up KICK-ASS‘s Hit Girl for most brutal, yet innocent looking, little girl. And if anyone had their doubts, LOGAN is most definitely rated R. I never thought I would see Professor X drop the “F” bomb. He did, and it was glorious.

X-23 and all the violence aside, LOGAN looks like a wonderful film set in a grimy post-apocalyptic landscape featuring what will surely be some intense action.

Sure, the X-MEN franchise has had its ups and downs, but somehow I’m still extremely excited whenever a new one roles around.

LOGAN opens March 3rd 2017 same day as the NINTENDO SWITCH releases!