Today marks the release of the highly under appreciated film KNIGHT AND DAY directed by James Mangold (3:10 TO YUMA, WALK THE LINE) that stars Tom Cruise (MISSION IMPOSSIBLE SERIES, VANILLA SKY) and Cameron Diaz (THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY, VANILLA SKY).

KNIGHT AND DAY will easily be placed in my top 10 movies of 2010. This is what going to the movies is all about. Cruise plays a super-spy on the run after he discovers he was not meant to survive his latest mission. Diaz crosses paths with him and thinks she has found Mr. Right. Before you know it, they are both trotting the globe and escaping danger together in this fun action-comedy that has a wonderful blend of laughs and stellar action sequences. I know there are a lot of Cruise-haters out there that will pass simply because of his involvement. I highly recommend you put whatever misguided judgements you have aside and just enjoy yourself. Cruise is truly a great actor and always delivers and commits to his performances. In this film he is funny, charming, bad-ass and the chemistry between him and Diaz is good fun. Throughout all the craziness and action this film has to offer, Cruise constantly maintains this calm, cool, and collected demeanor that just makes his character so fascinating and likable. You owe it to yourself to rent or buy this one on DVD or Blu-Ray and have some fun! KNIGHT AND DAY comes highly recommended.