Art by Matteo Scalera, Image Comics

Image Comics is fast becoming my favorite distributor of comic books. With huge hits such as THE WALKING DEAD, INVINCIBLE, and SAGA on their resume it’s no wonder why they are so great. That’s not even mentioning some hidden gems they have up their sleeve in the form of PROPHET and the LUTHER STRODE series. Simply wonderful books all around and the greatest thing about all of these titles (and many others from Image) is that they are more mature in content than something you would find at Marvel or DC. In short, Image has grown up with it’s core audience. A good thing for anyone out there sick of the superhero genre that has, for the most part, played it simple and safe.

Enter DEAD BODY ROAD. Yet another intriguing title from Image Comics with a very mature theme. Seemingly taking a heavy influence from the works of Cormac McCarthy (NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN) and Elmore Leonard (TV’s JUSTIFIED), DEAD BODY ROAD tell the tale of destructive lawman Orson Gage who is on a revenge mission after the brutal death of his wife during a bank heist gone wrong. Gage vows to hunt down and murder everyone involved in what is likely going to be one bloody ass revenge mission. Smells a lot like a more realistic take on THE PUNISHER with a current-day western setting. Yes please!

DEAD BODY ROAD features a story crafted by Justin Jordan who is the man responsible for the epic LUTHOR STRODE series and has art by the talented Matteo Scalera (BLACK SCIENCE). This is a knockout collaboration and any self respecting comic book fan needs to keep their eyes peeled for this one when issue #1 hits store shelves on December 11th 2013!

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