Summit Entertainment has officially announced that Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 WEEKS LATER) will be directing the upcoming reboot of HIGHLANDER. It was recently reported that Justin Lin (FAST FIVE) would be sitting in the directors chair, but a recent deal for FAST SIX (or whatever it will be called) with Universal pushed Lin out and Fresnadillo in. It looks like Lin will still be the Executive Producer however. Here is the official statement:

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo will direct Summit Entertainment’s re-imagination of the cult film HIGHLANDER co-financed by RCR Media Group. Summit’s HIGHLANDER is written by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway. Neal H. Mortiz and Peter Davis will produce the project along with Enrique López Lavigne and Belen Atienza. RCR Media Group’s principles Rui Costa Reis and Eliad Josephson will executive produce the film. Justin Lin will also executive produce. Summit acquired the rights to remake the cult classic from Davis – Panzer Productions, Inc. in May of 2008. Production on the film is slated to begin spring of 2012. 

I’m not too sure how I feel about this yet. I am a pretty big HIGHLANDER fan and really want this project done right. I thought 28 WEEKS LATER was alright but nothing too special. I will have to reserve my judgement until more details are revealed such as who will be starring and an actual trailer which will not be a reality for quite awhile. So I will just have to wait. Who knew that when they said “There can only be one” they were referring to how many good Highlander films there would be. Here’s hoping that will change.

The HIGHLANDER reboot should be slated for sometime in 2013.