leef smith owner of mission comics and art

San Francisco’s Mission: Comics & Art needs our support! 2017 was extremely rough for Mission Comics and comic book stores nationwide. The last thing this world needs right now is one less comic book shop! Please head over to the Mission Comics Patreon website to learn more and lend some much needed support! There are a handful of new and exciting reward tiers available along with several opportunities to attend and/or potentially host some amazing community events!

Mission: Comics & Art on Patreon

Owner Leef Smith has been a HUGE advocate and supporter of NEVER ENDING RADICAL DUDE since the beginning. I can honestly say the website would not be what it is today without his help. We’ve filmed dozens of shows there including NERDS OF THE ROUND and its spiritual successor COOLER THAN COOLER, we’ve hosted art shows featuring pieces from our talented contributing artists, and we’ve gathered to come up with new ideas or just have a fun and safe space to nerd-out. And it’s where we get all our comics, and recommendations, for our monthly Comic Book Picks! Besides all that, the world just needs more comic book shops like this!

Leef has been an advocate for print media, both worldwide and local art, and building safe and all-inclusive communities within the heart of San Francisco’s Mission district for nearly a decade! If anything I mentioned above matters to you, please take a moment to check out the Mission: Comics & Art Patreon page and support an amazing comic book shop. At the very least, spread the word!

“I believe there’s a better outlook for 2018, but I can’t keep the store operating in the way it should with just hope. We need to experiment with expanding our business model and reaching new customers. This patreon account is a big part of that effort, and I hope you’ll become a supporter.” -Leef Smith, Owner of Mission: Comics & Art

Mission: Comics & Art on Patreon