got hbo teaser poster 2015


WARNING: Spoilers are coming.

So it appears HBO has just reveled a teaser poster for the upcoming Season 6 of their insanely popular show GAME OF THRONES. Funny thing. Umm, Jon Snow bit the big one in what seemed like a pretty damn final way at the end of last season. So why is he the featured image of this teaser? Will his death be a big part of season 6? Will he rise from the dead? Is HBO just morbid and playing some kind of sick joke on us!? Your guess is as good as mine my fellow nerd.

No official date is listed for the premiere, but that huge “April” written in the middle of this poster leads me to believe it will be sometime this April…yeah, I’m smart. Damn, April can’t come soon enough.

Let the speculation begin. Personally, I think Mr. Snow will rise from the dead and become king of the White Walkers! Yeah that would be cool wouldn’t it! And the best thing about all this speculation is that no book has tread farther than what we saw last season so nobody knows what will happen, not even those snobby book readers!

So what do you think!? Let us hear your batshit theory in the comments below. Weirdest theory wins.

HBO’s GAME OF THRONES comes April 2016.