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Figures this would be the first news I see after a long day of playing ARKHAM CITY.

The law is gonna be dished out on the lawless this fall with GOTHAM, the Batman prequel series focusing on the early days of rookie detective James Gordon.  And we have been given a glimpse of what lies ahead for the show in an epic extended trailer that reveals not only Gordon in action, but several other characters we may be familiar with…including a certain rich orphan!  Check it out:


Well, I’m definitely curious.  Though the concept of the “superhero before they become a superhero” show is nothing new (looking at you, SMALLVILLE), GOTHAM may offer a unique opportunity for series creator Bruno Heller (THE MENTALIST) to tell down-to-earth gritty crime stories with characters that we know are destined to become either allies or enemies of the Dark Knight.  And though we’ve already seen Mr. Nolan handle his origins with expert hands in the movies, it will be interesting to see how a weekly TV series approaches the development of young Bruce Wayne’s future alter ego.

Ben McKenzie (SOUTHLAND) heads the cast as Gordon, Sean Pertwee (ELEMENTARY) plays the faithful Wayne family butler Alfred Pennyworth, Donal Logue (SONS OF ANARCHY) plays Gordon’s partner Detective Harvey Bullock and Jada Pinkett Smith (COLLATERAL) plays crime boss Fish Mooney.  Joining them are relative newcomers Cory Michael Smith as forensic scientist Edward Nygma, Robin Lord Taylor as Mooney’s enforcer Oswald Cobblepot, Camren Bicondova as teenage pickpocket Selina Kyle and David Mazouz as the recently orphaned boy billionaire Bruce Wayne who will one day don the legendary cowl of (OMG MAJOR SPOILERS HERE!) the Batman.  No word on if a certain green-haired and pale-skinned individual will be cackling his way into the series just yet…

GOTHAM is set to air sometime this Fall on Fox!

Sound off below!  Are you excited to see a new primetime Bat-show even if Batman is, technically, not in it?