prison break fox


Confession time. I’ve watched each and every episode of Fox’s PRISON BREAK. And while I usually tell everyone it’s a “guilty pleasure” of my mine, I actually feel no guilt when I say I enjoyed all 4 seasons. And I bet anyone who tells me it was crap is having tons of fun with AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD which is about on par with the level of quality this show has. Take that any way you want.

Anyways, since just about everything else in the world is being either rebooted or remade why not PRISON BREAK. This show’s life blood is being “far fetched” and I think revisiting these characters, some presumed dead, 7 years later is the perfect kind of far fetched that this series is known for. Bring it on I say. Fetch it farther I say. Check out the first trailer to see what I mean.

So there you have it. PRISON BREAK is back baby and this trailer looks like it will be as fun as ever. A lot of familiar faces and that duo of Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell is fun as hell. Hey that rhymed! But seriously, seeing these boys back in action again in both The CW’s FLASH and LEGENDS OF TOMORROW has been a blast. And seeing them in their natural habitat again will be most excellent.

Fetch it far PRISON BREAK….fetch it far.

PRISON BREAK returns on Fox in 2017.