It’s not everyday I get excited for a racing game featuring real-life cars and locals, but hot damn does Microsoft’s FORZA HORIZON 3 look bananas! I was extremely impressed when it was announced at this year’s E3 during Microsoft’s excellent presentation and my excitement has only built since then.

I’ve been keeping up with the game over the past few months and have been nothing but impressed. It’s my kind of racing game; something that doesn’t take itself too seriously, is full of action, and features solid multiplayer support. In short, it just looks fun.

A large open world set in beautiful Australia, hundred of cool cars including HALO’s Warthog, tons of customization options including custom soundtracks, solid gameplay that has you soaring, and some damn beautiful graphics all lead me to believe HORIZON 3 will be a complete package. And I am more than ready to dive into that co-op campaign with my online buddies!

FORZA HORIZON 3 drifts onto store shelves and online marketplaces September 27th 2016 unless you pre-ordered the “Ultimate Edition” in which case you are probably not reading this and already playing the damn game…sigh.