ARROW, The CW/DC Comics/Warner Bros.

It’s been hinted and teased throughout ARROW’s 3rd season as scientist/billionaire Ray Palmer continues to design and improve his A.T.O.M. suit to combat injustice.  Well, courtesy of the CW, here is your first look at actor Brandon Routh (SUPERMAN RETURNS, SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD) fully decked out in his techno gear and set to debut as the size-changing hero the Atom in the February 25th episode (titled “Nanda Parbat).

I kinda dig the “Iron Man”-ish approach to the suit as it fits in with the down-to-earth approach of the ARROW-verse.  Palmer is also set to make a guest appearance in the eighteenth episode of THE FLASH (titled “All-Star Team-Up”).  Looks like the DC TV universe keeps growing and growing…will the inevitable movie counterparts to these characters ever be able to compare?

What do you all think of the Atom’s TV look?  Let us know below!