CBS has picked up producer/writer Greg Berlanti’s SUPERGIRL series for November.  Now we finally get to see Kra Zor-El in action thanks to an extended look at the show.  Check it out below:

I’m…not entirely sure what to make of this.  It looks as though the show will probably be brighter and more lighthearted in tone than its CW counterparts, having more in common with a previous Superman series (LOIS & CLARK: THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN) that tried to balance workplace/romantic comedy with superhero action.  Melissa Benoist (GLEE) appears to tackle the quirky Clark Kent-like behavior okay enough and does look impressive in the Supergirl costume.  The rest of the supporting cast seems serviceable in their roles, if not a little generic.  There are also confirmations of Helen Slater (1984’s SUPERGIRL) and Dean Cain (LOIS & CLARK) popping up at some point in undisclosed roles.  I’m not too sure about bland and disinterested-looking Calista Flockhart (ALLY MCBEAL) as Cat Grant and quite of bit of this look at the show is bringing back unwanted memories of NBC’s failed WONDER WOMAN pilot with Adrianne Palicki and Elizabeth Hurley.  However, some of the action and effects so far look pretty slick and hopefully the show will focus on super powered battles worthy of a Kryptonian.  And, though it’s too early to see if this will happen, there is always the possibility that Berlanti may incorporate the character into the shared DC TV universe being built around his other shows ARROW and THE FLASH.

However, one crutch the show may possibly find itself leaning on too much is the constant referencing to Kara’s cousin.  Granted, it’s kinda difficult to have a Supergirl show and not name-drop Superman, but hopefully it’s not overly gratuitous.  And who knows…could Dean Cain’s casting mean that he’s revisiting a familiar role???

SUPERGIRL is set to fly on CBS November 2015!

What do you guys think?  Can Supergirl carry her own show?  Like the look of the series?  Don’t like it?  On the fence?  Let us know below!