It’s here! Finally, after an obscure, probably fake teaser in 2011 followed by a long stretch of absolutely nothing, Alfonso Cuarón’s (CHILDREN OF MEN) GRAVITY has been trailered. Feast your eyes:


It’s looking like this movie will be pretty much exactly what people hoped for after hearing “Cuarón” and “outer space” in the same sentence. (Though I always secretly hope that one day, a director will adhere to the fact that sound doesn’t travel in space. How cool would that be to see huge, silent explosions?) If this movie balances long stretches of the beauty of the void with moments of utter chaos as the trailer suggests, and if Cuarón can match CHILDREN OF MEN’s mastery of tension and heart, and if Sandra Bullock (CRASH) can sustain the challenge of carrying nearly an entire movie solo…

then GRAVITY is going to be a pretty incredible experience.

GRAVITY levitates to the big screen on October 4th 2013.