Holy cow Batman THAT was unexpected! In a bold move, Bethesda has prematurely announced that not only does FALLOUT 4 exist, but that it’s further along in development than expected as displayed by an in-game reveal trailer (above).

The trailer confirms that we will be exploring Boston and surrounding areas in Massachusetts this time around after visiting Washington DC, Pittsburgh, and Nevada in previous installments. Your trusty dog is back, the landscapes looks disgustingly beautiful, and we may even get to experience (play?) during the fall of civilization through what appears to be flashback sequences. Cool stuff.

We will know a lot more during the Bethesda press conference on June 14th 2105 where FALLOUT 4 will surely be the main focus. And by the looks of it, we may be getting our hands on this game a lot sooner than anticipated. These are glorious times to be a gamer!

Stay tuned for our E3 coverage and more info as it develops.