EX MACHINA, Universal Pictures

If the upcoming film EX MACHINA isn’t on your nerd radar yet, I hope this post will slap it on there. Director/Writer Alex Garland (DREDD) brings us this hardcore science fiction story about a young programmer chosen to take part in an experiment surrounding artificial intelligence. More specifically, an experiment on human behavior, emotions, and basically how a dorky human handles himself around a hot robot who will likely screw with his mind. Yeah, sounds cool right!? Check out the official trailer and see for yourself.


Yes! Count me in. I may eat my words later, but I feel as if EX MACHINA has “Sleeper Hit” all over it. And my confidence is heightened with Garland on board who is most well know for writing the novel THE BEACH, 28 DAYS LATER, SUNSHINE, and the hugely under appreciated DREDD. Thats quite a resume.

EX MACHINA infiltrates your brain April 10th 2015. Stay tuned for our full review very soon.