How has no one thought of this premise until now? Based on the Japanese book ALL YOU NEED IS KILL (previous film’s title), EDGE OF TOMORROW is about a new recruit, Tom Cruise (JACK REACHER), who is drafted into a future army and is forced to fight in an un-winnable war against an alien race. Along with his over-the-top power suit, he discovers that he has been pushed out of time and is reliving the same day over and over.  Along with the army’s most top bad ass, played by Emily Blunt (LOOPER), he uses each repeating day as an opportunity to train, plan and eventually discover a way to win the war.

I’m not going to compare this movie to the 1993 Bill Murray classic GROUNDHOG DAY. No. Everyone is going to be doing that. And well, it’s a cheap comparison. Yes, both of those movies have to do with a man repeating the same day over and over. But, the essence of the stories are completely different.  I’m actually going to compare EDGE OF TOMORROW  to a film from 1997 called 12:01, starring Jonathan Silverman (WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S). 12:01 is about a timid office worker who is stuck repeating the same day over and over and has to figure out a way to shut down the machine that has him locked in an unending quantum hoozamadoo. Wait. Check out the trailer


Holy shit. The opening scene has Jonathan Silverman fighting a mechanized alarm clock with a gun for a hand. What the hell did I stumble across? And It has Jeremy Piven?

EDGE OF TOMORROW looks to be the sci-fi actioner that we’ve all been craving. An original take on an overused premise with amazing action and effects.  This trailer tells us quite a bit, but, I don’t think it ruins anything for you.  This movie definitely just jumped onto my radar!

EDGE OF TOMORROW is set to premiere on June 6th 2014.