THIEF is a re-imagination of the original game of the same name developed by Eidos Studios, the studio behind the latest TOMB RAIDER  installment and DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION, and published by Square Enix.

In this game players assume the role of Garrett who is a master thief who lives in a world where the rich prosper and the weak struggle. Players will have the liberty to choose how they act throughout the game — actions like stealing from the rich or the poor are at each players discretion.

Garrett, in this sense, is a bit of an anti-hero who steals anything that’s worth something, it’s up to the player’s morals to decided who he’s stealing from.


With gameplay revolving around lurking in the shadows, players will have to work their way around guards and other potential persons of interest to pull of a successful theft. A light indicator on the players screen will show whether or not Garrett is in the light, which is important because the tiniest bit of light could form a shadow that gives away your position and thwart your attempt at stealing a priceless item.

In between stealing priceless items and taking out guards pick pocketing is another option for players to take advantage of during the course of the game. Each level has many valuables and gold to collect which creates a standard of if you’re really the best thief and if you can obtain all the goods in the level.

Overall, this game really intrigues me.

It’s a stealth based game that seems challenging and reinvents a game that created a new standard for the stealth genre. Eidos did a great job with the DEUS EX and TOMB RAIDER franchises, both DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION and TOMB RAIDER are great reboots to established series and were redefined when Eidos put their touch on them. With those two games on their resume there is a lot of potential for THIEF.

THIEF will be available for the XBOX ONE, PS4, and “high end” PC’s sometime in 2014.

Watch the E3 gameplay demo below for first-hand look at THIEF.