ADVENTURE ISLAND, ADVENTURES OF LOLO, MARBLE MADNESS, MEGAMAN 2, NINJA GAIDEN, and COBRA TRIANGLE are just a few of the reasons why 1989 kicked so much ass for gamers old enough to remember. These are some of the experiences that really shaped who I am as a gamer today. There is one more game you can add to that list in the form of DUCKTALES for the Nintendo Entertainment System. To many, this is the ultimate 2D adventure game of its time rivaling games in the MEGAMAN franchise and even Mario himself! Known for being balls to the wall difficult and relentless, DUCKTALES for the NES was a true gem of its time and is more than worthy, and highly unexpected, for an HD remake.

Recently, at the PAX East gaming convention, it was officially revealed that DUCKTALES was being re-released in HD form. And not only are the visuals being updated, but the soundtrack and game play are being tweaked  in order to make the best possible remake imaginable. Hey, if your going to do something this random you may as well go all out and not half-ass it! Just to give gamers a hint at the kind of awesome we are dealing with, DUCKTALES REMASTERED will have fully updated and beautiful HD graphics, the soundtrack is also being fully remastered and will even include the original cast members for the voice cast (including the 94 year old Alan Young as Scrooge McDuck), and fans will (finally!) have the opportunity to swim in McDuck’s money bin as seen in the opening credits of the TV show! SOLD! And the cherry on top? Since the game was so difficult, the creators decided to tone it down a bit to create a more enjoyable experience. Fear not purists, the original difficulty is still fully intact in the higher difficulty settings. Alright, enough quacking already! Check out the glorious announcement trailer below.


Holy quack this looks awesome! You can bet your feathered ass that I will be downloading this bad boy as soon as it becomes available this summer on X-Box Live, The Playstation Network, and the Wii U. No word yet on a PC version or an exact summer release date. Stayed tuned!

A Woo-Hoo! (I had to do it once…)