Anyone who saw the “leaked” test footage for the potential DEADPOOL movie a few weeks ago could have guessed that an official announcement was going to come very soon. Well, “very soon” is now because 20th Century Fox has officially announced that DEADPOOL will finally be getting a solo film due out on February 12th 2016. Yes, that’s Valentines Day weekend. How cute.

It was also revealed that relative unknown Tim Miller is set to direct. While no official announcement places Ryan Reynolds as the lead, it’s safe to assume that the dude is involved seeing how he played the character in X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE and voiced him in the aforementioned leaked test footage. He has also been campaigning online to give the film the R-rating that it not only deserves, and in my humble opinion, NEEDS! Come on 20th Century Fox and Marvel, give this guy his due already. Hard R or bust!!

So what do you all think? Are you ready for this movie? Could it succeed as a PG-13 affair!?